Forklift Training


This is a fully comprehensive course designed for an individual with little or no lift truck experience. This course is comprised of intensive classroom instruction, including discussion and a written test, as well as hands-on practical training and evaluation. Upon successful completion of the course, the operator will be presented with a lift truck certificate as proof of training. This course is designed to provide Forklift Operators with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their daily tasks safely and efficiently in their own environments. Participants who register will be required to complete the practical component to obtain their certificate.  

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Confined Space Training


Confined spaces can be some of the most dangerous work areas at a jobsite. To address the risk, training is required for workers who are either exposed to – or have the potential to be exposed to, confined space hazards. Confined spaces can be found in many areas of the jobsite such as manholes, pipelines, pits, silos, storage bins, and tanks.

This full day course satisfies the confined space training requirements of ????????? This course is ideal for workers who must perform duties in permit-required confined spaces – including maintenance technicians, pipeline workers, emergency response personnel, and other general industry workers.

Through this course, you will learn what it takes to be compliant with the latest standards from OSHA on confined spaces in the general industry.

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Transportation of Dangorous Goods Training


Many products, substances or organisms are dangerous to life, health, property or the environment. They may occur naturally or be manmade. These products pose immediate dangers such as toxicity, fire, explosion, asphyxiation, or burns, and long-term dangers such as polluting of the environment. They are classified in legislation as dangerous goods. They must be handled and transported properly.

To ensure the safety of drivers, the public and the environment, the TDG Act and Regulations are in place to govern:

  • the handling of dangerous goods

  • the offering of dangerous goods to a carrier for transportation

  • the transportation of dangerous goods




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