Supervisory Training 

8 Modules - Each with a Personal Action Plan and Follow-up Coaching
Front-line Leaders, Supervisors & Managers have a direct impact on engagement, productivity and employee satisfaction of your workforce. Bring lasting results with this Experiential Learning Course to bring your business is looking for!

The objective of company-provided training—and most training of any kind, for that matter—is to improve performance and results. The way that training is provided, however, varies between organizations with different objectives, products, and employees. Over the past decade or so, many business leaders have relied on traditional training approaches as a first line of defense when they need to improve performance to achieve a desired outcome. However, experiential learning is now seen as the most effective method that conveys information and encourages lasting behavior change.


Module 1: Roles of Supervisors - (1 ½ hours)

Introduction to Program

Experience in Supervision & the Supervisor’s Roles

Business Strategy & the Supervisor’s Role

Expectations of Supervisors

Making the Transition: Peer to Leader

Personal Development Action Planning

Module 2: Supervisory Skills - (1 ½ hours)

Taking Responsibility for Self Development

Emotional Intelligence


Working Styles

Personal Development Action Planning

Module 3: Communication Skills - (2 ½ hours)

How Communication Works

Guidelines for Good Communication

Effective Communication

Delivering Information to Groups

Personal Development Action Planning

Module 4: Diversity and Inclusion Skills - (1 ½ hours

Exploring Differences

Perceptions into Prejudice

Importance of Inclusion to the Business

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Generations in the Workplace

Your Role: Six Ways to Manage Diversity in the Workplace

Personal Development Action Planning

Module 5: Teamwork Skills - (1 ½ hours)

Why Teams?

The Extended Team – Who Are My Customers

Customer Expectations – Internal and External


Personal Development Action Planning

Module 6: Coaching Skills - (2 hours)

Communication Tools for Shaping Performance

Coaching Skills

Introduction to Feedback Skills

Practice with Feedback

- Coaching with Positive Feedback

- Coaching to Give Directions OR Clarify Expectations

- Coaching with Developmental Feedback

Module 7: Counseling & Disciplinary Skills - (2 hours)

What is Counseling?

Problem Behaviors

Performance Decision Tree

Performance Counseling

What is Discipline

Progressive Discipline Definition

Progressive Disciplinary Steps

Your Policy

Exceptions to Progressive Discipline

Seven Steps of “Just Cause”

Dealing with Insubordination

Introduction to Aggression Management

Personal Development Action Plan

Module 8: Personal Development Action Planning - (1 ½ hours)

Presentations – Review of Program Main Points

Self-Assessment / Strengths & Areas for Development

Program Evaluation

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