Commercial Defensive Driving  Training

Motor  vehicle accidents are a familiar site on roads and highways. Take a pro-active approach to reducing risk, insurance premiums, accident costs and the high cost of litigation by  providing  your fleet drivers  with our robust defensive driving course.

Defensive driving is a philosophy based on responsibility. It is not simply about driving skills, rather, encompasses everything that takes place on our roads and highways.

What can our Training do for your Company

  1. Improve staff moral- employees appreciate their Companies investing and providing upgraded skills  that help keep them safe.

  2. Improve Company Image- Safe, considerate drivers are seen as professionals, as is your  Company.

  3. Reduce incidents/Claims experience- reducing claims and incidents- reduces premiums- adds to your bottom and top lines.

  4. Reduces stress- help your drivers become aware.

  5. Improve fuel economy- reduce fuel expense.

  6. Be seen as a quality employer- attract high quality applicants- professional drivers want to be employed with professional  businesses